Prayer Request

Hello, readers.  In the midst of a busy Saturday and back-to-school preparations, please take the time to remember a hurting family in your prayers.

My friend, Elisabeth (From the Files of a Hilltop Homeschooler), has a good friend named Hannah Worthey, who’s brother, Jacob, has leukemia.  He underwent a bone marrow transplant a month or two ago, but it failed.  The doctors were going to start him on chemo and radiation.  About two days ago, he went to the hospital with an enlarged heart and fluid in his lungs.  A little while after that, the doctors ordered DNR (do not resuscitate).  Early this morning, he died.

I don’t know Hannah, I’ve never even corresponded with her, but I’ve been following what’s happening with Jacob, and my heart is breaking right now.  I can’t begin to imagine what she and her family are feeling. They are Christians, as was Jacob, which is a wonderful blessing, but it doesn’t lessen the pain.

So, please, just keep the Wortheys in your prayers.  Check out Hannah’s blog, Bringing Hope Alive, for more information.  Maybe drop her a comment and let her know you’re praying.  Thank you.

P. S. The observant may notice that I didn’t do a Fireside Fridays as promised.  I really apologize for that—life has been crazy, and I’m not in the routine of a Friday post.  However, I promise that I will post the first one next week.  Thanks for bearing with me!

4 responses to “Prayer Request”

  1. I’ll definitely be praying.


  2. Oh dear, I am so sorry for that. I will definitely pray.


  3. Praying for those broken hearted by this death </3


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