the pretension of pain

the pretension of pain
as if you are the first
across the millennia
the only, the ultimate
among the billions
the pretension of pain
as if all the oceans 
don't shame your tears
all the thunderstorms
weaker than your woes
the pretension of pain
as if it will destroy you
as if it will lift you up
to a sorrowing and craggy height
above the happy, foolish masses
as if it doesn't buckle your knees
      spittle your face
      mottle your skin
      stench your breath
as if it makes you respectable
      instead of repulsive
the pretension of pain
as if people care to hear
as if pity equals love
as if agony unites 
instead of separating 
      into tiny,
      black cells
they say every lie
has a grain of truth
if so this is the speck
at the center of your
pretensions: against
all wisdom, all expectation,
all aesthetics, all attraction—
the brokenhearted
      will be lifted up
the brokenbodied
the broken
      as incarnations
      of the promise:
      in your weakness
      you are strong
the beauty wrought from pain
cannot be pretended 

4 responses to “the pretension of pain”

  1. You have felt pain. I have never read a poem with these insights. Keep writing wise truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Wren. <33


  2. This really speaks to me, especially since I’m guilty of sometimes using sickness to get attention…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m guilty of the same thing. It’s a struggle bc pain is legitimate but it’s so easy to use anything to boost our egos. You’re not alone ❤


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