how my friends say I love you

i try to justify my exhaustion, 

slap a label on it complete with 

dosage instructions and warnings

written in cramped letters. i hand it

out to everyone i meet, mumbling 

apologetically but also desperate 

that they read it through. 


i am amazed when some people

rip off the label and toss it away, say,

i don’t need to know the scientific 

name. i’ll put this in my cabinet in 

a safe, dry place and if it ever runs out, 

great. if it’s a daily dose from now till 



i’ll take it. no questions asked. 

I thank my God every time I remember you (Phil 1:3). May the end of your summers be sweet. ❤

5 responses to “how my friends say I love you”

  1. As someone who have hit the lows as well as the highs, and felt both rather keenly, I know exactly how this feels. Thank you for this encouragement and for reminding me how those who love us pick us up and disregard all of those labels. You have captured it perfectly, Aberdeen. ❤

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, CC, and while I’m sorry you’ve experienced some of these lows I’m very glad you’ve also experienced some of the highs. ❤

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  2. This spoke to my soul. The first, what I feel, and the second, what I yearn for.

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    1. I’m glad, and I’m sorry. May you find it soon. ❤

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