it’s March again

Commemorating a full year of … this.

Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

it’s March again

I want to see your face


I want to brush shoulders with strangers

_________and not flinch

step into a subway

________with no space

sing in a crowd of a thousand


it’s March again

I want to touch your hand


I want to go out and come home

_________without fear

hug exuberantly

_________without asking

cram into a restaurant with the rest

_________of the city

it’s March again

please don’t leave me


don’t let this be another threshold

_________into darkness

another spring break

_________that lasts till May

another dividing line between before

_________and after

it’s March again

teach us the way


the way of suffering and uncertainty and

_________childlike trust

of taking long walks


of holding plans loosely and living

_________right now

it’s March again

remind me


what it means



2 responses to “it’s March again”

  1. Abigayle Claire Avatar
    Abigayle Claire

    Your poetry ❤ This encapsulates it all so well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Abi!! We’re making it through ❤


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