That Was the Spring With No Baseball

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That was the spring when the fields and stands,

Streets and subways sat


Like Easter eggs, decked out pretty and promising life but filled with


____But sterile air.


That was the spring you heard the birds sing,

Now that the buses weren’t coming and traffic wilted and

You had hours to sit by your window and hear

____Maybe a little more

____Than you did when there was noise.


That was the spring you never left your house

And you wondered whether that was different

Than any other spring,

And you wondered

____If that should make you



That was the spring you got to know your friends

Through grainy screenshots and Instagram stories

And you realized pixels and Polos weren’t so bad


They weren’t so great either.


That was the spring you got to know your



That was the spring you decided

To be like the tree and the tulip and


That was the spring you learned

That you could sit alone in a room

____And not panic,

That you could gut your Google calendar

And still have things to look forward to,

Things to look back on and say,

____I did something



That was the spring you made friends again

____With the small things

(The ability to text, the tree by your window,

That curve of the street that opens out into a lovely view you never knew,

Homemade cinnamon buns and the first waking seconds of Easter morning).

That was the spring you learned how


____And fragile

Your old life was and how


____And vibrant

Your new life could be.


That was the spring there were no Chlorox wipes.

But there was a lot of spring cleaning

And you learned the meaning of

____New beginnings.


That was the spring without baseball.

And that was the spring you discovered

That people will still find things to cheer about


11 responses to “That Was the Spring With No Baseball”

  1. Ohh, that’s a beautiful piece! It’s worth reading!

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  2. agh. I don’t have anything to say. that was… that was really Good.

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    1. Thank you, Esther <33


  3. okay those last four lines are just–wow. lovely.

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    1. Aww, thank you, Grace.


  4. Truly beautiful. I love it. It has been a spring for getting to know ourselves as intimately as the outside world, hasn’t it?

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    1. It really has. ❤ How have you been doing during this quarantine?

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      1. Quite well! It’s been a time to develop for me, honestly, in faith and perseverance and in compassion. How have you been?

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        1. I’m glad you were able to see how it’s growing you. <33 I've been doing well, and I'm thankful for the time to reflect and work on things like selflessness and contentment.

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  5. Judith L. Livingstone Avatar
    Judith L. Livingstone

    Dearest Abby,

    This is beautiful. I just finished rereading your writing “Into the Mist” and I loved it so much. I am so glad that you love the East Dennis beaches as much as I do.

    All my love,


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