for all I have lost (he never tells me why)


for all i have lost

for all i am not

for all that was not as i had hoped

for every crumpled dream

for every tear on every mask-cracked face

for every piece of the world that breaks

just a little bit more…






i weep


i nestle knees to chest

and wonder


which he never answers


instead he always tells me


truth, way, life

hope, strength, refuge

creator, redeemer, sustainer

right hand, banner, shepherd

bread and water, vine and door

one who hears, who sees, who knows, who—




8 responses to “for all I have lost (he never tells me why)”

  1. this is so beautiful right now. a lot of stuff i’m learning right now, especially about paying attention to what identity God gives us and remembering that I don’t get/have to name myself. i just found your blog through Abigayle and i’m definitely going to read through it now ❤

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  2. victoria evangeline Avatar
    victoria evangeline

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  3. Beautiful!! I’m in love with your poetry! It’s always so amazing.

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  4. Aaaahhhh, you posted! I was so excited to see this come across my G+ feed. =D So, so good. I know you can’t post on here often, but what you do post is always so encouraging and true.

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  5. Amen amen amen. Beautiful. And absolutely true.

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  6. I really love what you did with this! So much truth and very poignant. I envy your poetry skills–everything you write speaks to me! Have you looked into publishing any of your poetry?? I would buy it a collection!! 🙂

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  7. (also I can’t access most social media from where I am right now [which I’m not sticking up on WP but you should know where I am xD] but my iPod still gives me notifications for some reason even though I can’t read the entirety of them or anything, so I do know you got an exciting something but I can’t act on that information until I return =P)

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