the stars, they miss you // a story

One of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Please, please read it, and listen to the music with it. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

amid these embers

Well hi guys. *waves awkwardly to anyone who happens to still look at this* Summer’s finally come to an end. It surprisingly didn’t go very fast this year, which I’m quite pleased about. Though I’m still not ready for school to start (but a creative writing class, so that’ll be fun. and psychologyyy.). Anyway, I’m going to have a lifey update post in a bit, but I decided to start my bolg up again with a story.

A friend and I did a story exchange. What happened was she made a collage just using interesting pictures, but then once she finished it she realized how it looked like a story. So I used it as a writing prompt while she wrote a story that I would make a collage for afterwards, and we exchanged them. It was quite fun.

My story was mostly inspired by her collage (which you should…

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