{Fireside Fridays} 5 Reasons Why Ebooks Help You Read More

Wait a minute, you say. Didn’t she post something a while back about why ebooks will never replace paper and ink ones? Indeed I did. But that doesn’t mean ebooks have no value. As I’ve been traveling this month, I’ve come to realize how useful and even delightful they can be. I’m a sucker for real books you can hold and flip through, and I love adding to the array of colors and shapes on my bookshelf. But I’ve begun to appreciate ebooks more, too. In fact, I’ve realized that they can actually help you read more than you would if you only had paperback books. So, reluctant readers, listen up. And you bookworms—maybe this will convince you to give ebooks a try.


{ 5 Reasons Why Ebooks Help You Read More }


1. Ebooks are (usually) cheaper than paper books. 

Which helps you read more because when each individual book is less, you can afford to buy more books. I can attest to this from personal experience. On this vacation, I was browsing Barnes and Nobles and came upon a book that looked really interesting. But it was twenty-something dollars. Gulp. So I went online and found that the Kindle version was only fourteen—still pretty expensive for an ebook, but considering that this particular book had just come out, it’s a good deal. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than the paper version. A few days later, I read about a book that sounded like something I’d enjoy. Instead of having to save up for it, I found that the ebook version was a mere five bucks. Because of ebooks’ cheaper prices, I was able to get two more books than I would have if only paper books were available. Doesn’t that just make your bookworm heart happy?

2. Ebooks can help you find other books. 

I had a Nook, and now I have a Kindle app on my iPad, and both have Other-Books-You-Might-Like-type features. In all honesty, sometimes I waste too much time browsing through them, but they have really helped find great books that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. Plus, Nook and Kindle also let you sample books, which has often convinced me to buy a book that I wouldn’t have if I had just read its blurb. With huge libraries at your fingertips and services that figure out your reading preferences, ebooks are vastly helpful in discovering new reads.

3. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring a book. 

Have you ever been somewhere and wished you had a book with you? Maybe the wait at the doctor’s office is long or the pool is too cold, and you wish you’d brought a book. You probably had your phone or tablet with you, however. Here’s the awesome thing about ebooks: You can get Kindle and Nook apps so you can read ebooks on your phone or tablet. It may not be the most fun way to read, but reading is more fun than being bored and better for your brain than scrolling through Facebook. Ebook-reading apps provide access to books wherever you are. If you’re a bookworm, you’re probably thinking that you carry around a paper book more often than you do a phone, but if you’re the type that struggles to find time to read, this can be so helpful. When books are so easily accessible, you’ll be more likely to read.

4. Ebooks don’t get lost. 

This ties in to the point above. You’re much less likely to lose an electronic device than some ol’ paper book. I know, I know, we’ve all lost electronic devices before, too. But still, most people take more care of them because they’re more expensive and valuable. So, if your books on an electronic device, you probably won’t lose them. Paper books, on the other hand, are relatively easy to lose. We just don’t keep tabs on them quite as carefully as we do phones—because, no matter how much you love books, you have to admit that phones are much more expensive and more necessary for daily life (though that’s arguable).

5. You can get books quickly. 

Right here is one of my favorite parts of ebooks. I love being able to get a new book instantaneously. Of course, there’s a very special thrill of paper books arriving in the mail—anticipating them, flipping them over and relishing their shiny covers and fresh smell. But sometimes I’m so impatient for a good read that I’m willing to forgo the aesthetic appeal of paper books. You’re also more likely to buy books if you can read them right away. If you have to wait, you might lose the motivation to spend money on a book, or you might have lost your excitement for it by the time it arrives. This is especially helpful for people who aren’t quite as into reading. If you can dive into a book when you’re at the height of your excitement about it, you’re much more likely to finish it and buy more books in the future.

Again, I’m a huge fan of paper books, and I don’t believe they’ll ever be obliterated. But there are many benefits to ebooks, from their lack of size to their easy ways to highlight quotes. They can be especially helpful for reluctant readers or people who struggle finding time to read. For voracious bookworms like me, they enable you to read even more books—and who doesn’t want that?

What do you think about ebooks—are you forever against them or have you fallen in love? Do you have any reasons to add to this list? How have ebooks helped you?

9 responses to “{Fireside Fridays} 5 Reasons Why Ebooks Help You Read More”

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  2. I had never read an ebook, but then wanted to publish a book I have written. The cost was too much for my pocket. A friend then helped me publish it as an ebook, if I make some money with it I can then self publish a “real” paper book! 🙂

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    1. That’s awesome! That’s another benefit of ebooks—they’re cheaper for authors to publish with. I’m really glad you could get published, and I hope your book does well. =)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yep! I’ve been using Kindles on and off for a few years, and they’re awfully convenient. Real books are wonderful though. I got one in the mail today (I almost never buy them), and I was so excited!

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    1. They are truly convenient. Oh, I agree. Getting real books in the mail is one of the best things in life. I’m so happy for you! Which book was it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I Dare You by Isabella Morganthal. The author is a friend of mine, so I was even more excited =D


  4. E-books are more “convenient” but for me, they’ll never be able to replace the feeling of having a real book in my hands. I do love that they’re very compact–that way if I’m traveling I’m not lugging seven books around in case I finish a book too quickly. 🙂

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    1. Mhm, I completely agree. While traveling, they are so great, but they can never replace real books.


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