They Sing of Sunshine and Shadows

It’s something I’ve pondered a lot these past few years—ever since I started writing, really. How do you balance the truth of evil with the hope of good? Because I feel like most artists—most people—lean towards one over the other. Either they are unduly pessimistic or naively optimistic. But darkness and light both exist. 


They sing of sunshine and roses

While ignoring the fact that

The sun blinds and

Roses bear thorns.

They dip their toes into the pool of life

And shrink back, afraid

Of the depths,

Trapped in a cage woven of lies.

Lies, like the light they laud—

Flimsy,  false, failing.


They sing of shadows and tears

While ignoring the fact that

Shadows are created by light and

Tears bring healing.

They imagine themselves to be plundering the depths

While they cower in mist, afraid

Of the light beyond the dark,

Captive to their fears.

Fears, flung from their false courage—

Weak, whimpering, wallowing.

They sing of sunshine and shadows,

Facing the darkness,

Finding the light.

They dive deep, lose oxygen, and

Learn to breathe underwater.

They are free to weave a weapon—

A sword of roses that pierce,

Tears that cleanse.

And in the truth, on the truth, they stand—

Sober, smiling, strong.

8 responses to “They Sing of Sunshine and Shadows”

  1. Victoria NightSky Avatar
    Victoria NightSky

    Oh my gosh. I need to print this and read it over and over again and ponder each line.

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  3. Oh my. so stunning and beautiful and just amazing. This is something I wrestle with so much, too! I love your word painting in this!! ❤ ❤ Do you feel like you tend to lean to one side more than the other?

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  4. Beautiful, Abby. Very honest, and with spot-on images. And I agree with you 100%. It’s important to remember that, while everyone may lean more to one side than the other, we all have darkness and light within us, and we need to show that teetering balance accurately.

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  5. Oh, so beautiful! ❤ Covering both shadows and sunshine is such a dilemma.

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  6. Wow. This is really good. It’s true though – we tend to lean to one side or other as artists. But the best art is that which encompasses both. Thank you! ❤

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  7. Okay. Wow. This has got to be one of my favorites of yours. I don’t think I’ve ever read something before that addresses this, and yet you do it so beautifully and perfectly. And thank you for being one of those who sings of both sorrow and sunshine. ❤

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