Your Help Needed

Hello, good readers! I’d love if you guys could help me with a decision I’m facing. I’ve been saving up for a while now to buy a nicer camera—right now I have a nice point-and-shoot, but I’m ready for something more. I want to get an entry-level DLSR, not something ultra fancy, but something that provides good quality photos and that I won’t grow out of too quickly. I’m not looking to become a professional photographer; it’s only a hobby, but enough of one that I want a DLSR. Here’s where you could help: Do you own such a camera or just have camera knowledge? If you do, I’d love to know:

• Is there a camera you’d reccommend for me? Do you own one similar to what I’m looking for? Nikon v. Canon? Anything you know and any experience/opinions you have would be appreicated.

• What lenses should I get to start out with? Brands you’d reccommend?

I’ve researched this, and I’m considering a Nikon D5500 or Canon T6i. I’d love to hear your thoughts on those in particular or if you have another one you really like.

Thank you all for taking some time out of your day to help me and give me your thoughts! I’ll be back tomorrow with a Fireside Fridays post; see you then!

10 responses to “Your Help Needed”

  1. I have the canon t6i I love it and canon has soooo many lenses you can never go wrong!

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  2. I have a Canon and I love it. I’m no expert though, so do what you think is best. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your input! Canon seems to be the common favorite.


  3. I’m afraid I don’t know much about cameras, but my photographer cousin has always done well with her Canon. I think it’s so cool when people like to photograph things! It’s a micro hobby of mine, so I have been content to use my phone 😉

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  4. Canon. Definitely get Canon. My dad and I have always used that brand and it has yet to fail us.
    I can’t really help with lenses or specific models, sorry.

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    1. Mmkay, good to know, thank you. No, that’s fine. I just appreciate knowing the brand you reccommend.

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  5. Victoria NightSky Avatar
    Victoria NightSky

    Whoa, they’ve already come out with the T6i? Neato. But yeah, essentially it’s the lens that matters, and I’d recommend having a 18-55mm lens, as well as a 50mm prime lens. PRIME LENSES MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. A 50mm with 1.8 aperture is about a hundred dollars, and there’s also 1.4 aperture but those are a couple hundred dollars more. So yeah, that’s the main thing I recommend getting.

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    1. This is so helpful, thank you. Which camera do you have again? Do you have the 1.4 aperture?


      1. Victoria NightSky Avatar
        Victoria NightSky

        I have the T5i, which is a fantastic model. And no, I have only the 1.8, and I’d say that one is good enough. *shrugs*

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        1. Okay, cooleo. And that’s good to know—I’ll stick with that one too. =D

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