{Fireside Fridays} A Quote & A Poll

I apologize that today’s post is not as in-depth as usual, but getting sick earlier this week meant that I’m now madly trying to catch up on school. But I do have a quote to share that amuses me highly—it’s a play on words and uses Latin. What could be better?

Before you read it, you might want to know this fact if you’re not a Latin scholar:

sanguis, sanguinis: feminine noun meaning blood

[Nellie entering a site with blood and bones on the ground.] “Far too much red for my taste—but I must applaud you for going bold. Oh Lord, there are even bits in the branches over there! Goodness! How marvelously grisly!”

… “Good morning, Miss Fuller,” Charlie said. “You seem very … positive this morning.”

“Sanguine, even,” added Jackaby.

Beastly Bones by William Ritter

Okay, so maybe I’m the only person who finds that funny. You can cough awkwardly or pat my head condescendingly, if you wish.

Before you go, I’d really appreciate it you answer this poll. I’m hoping to dive into this topic sometime, and I’d love to see what you guys think about it. I know that you might be able to identify with several answers, so please just pick the one that you think is closest to the truth. =)

How has your January been going? Do you have any other funny book quotes to share? 

9 responses to “{Fireside Fridays} A Quote & A Poll”

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  2. I knew that quote was funny already. But I didn’t realize how funny until now. 😀
    As for the poll . . . I never underline or write notes in books unless they’re school workbooks. It just feels wrong. I like keeping my books nice and pretty and pristine.

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    1. *grins*
      Mhm, that makes sense. And sometimes I can’t do so in school workbooks because we’re going to try to sell them or my younger siblings will be using them. xP

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  3. It wasn’t until recently (last spring?) that I started marking in some of my books. I mainly use it just for non-fiction books that are entirely mine (sometimes my school books)– usually for marking quotes and sometimes thoughts or questions. But I find it can help me concentrate, too. There’s something about holding a pencil while I’m reading and being on the lookout for somewhere to use it that wakes my brain up, I guess…. And I would agree– never write in pen in your book if you can possibly help it. =)

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    1. Yes, I agree about it helping me concentrate, and I find that I end up marking non-fiction books wayyyy more than fiction. I think it helps me really grasp the point the author is making. And I agree about pen. =D

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  4. That quote is highly amusing. Apparently we’ve got the same sense of humor. *grins and approves*

    As for marking books, I picked the second option, but I very, /very/ rarely mark any. I plan on marking WoK and WoR, mainly for good quotes and things that might be important later on, just because they’re so big, and I may have underlined one or two quotes in Mistborn? But other than that, marking in books just feels strange to me, even though I don’t really have a reason why. xD Maybe I’ll branch out and start doing it, since I’d like the benefits marking would give (in pencil, of course).

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    1. Yayyy. *high-fives* =D
      Okay, that makes sense. And yeah, those books. 0.o Sometimes even though I mark them, it’s still hard to re-find quotes. No, I get that. For the longest time, I couldn’t bear to write in books. xP

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  5. Victoria NightSky Avatar
    Victoria NightSky

    I’ve underlined before, but just recently for the first time I started writing notes in my Paradise Lost. I think notes can be nice to come back to after a while. Especially if you’re reading a book that’s been read before and someone’s left notes in it (in pencil. Writing with pen in a book is sacrilege.)

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    1. Oh wow, that is crazy, because I’m reading Paradise Lost too. 0.o And yes, I agree about coming back to notes. It’s fun to read other people’s—it’s like you’re connected and get a peek into their brain even though they’re not there with you. And yes. Never pen.

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