Who Are You?

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago, but I realized that it tied in well to my post yesterday.  


You scream at the empty air,

You beg of the silent sky,

You whisper into the shrieking wind:

Who am I?


Am I—





The air hangs corpselike,

The sky withholds its secrets,

The wind tumbles past unheeding,

So your heart is the only voice you hear:


You are—





And I know, I know the cry of your heart

Is loud.

I know, I know how hard it is to drown

It out.

But know:


In my eyes,

you are beautiful,

you are valuable,

you are loved.


And if my eyes,

My broken, dying eyes,

My eyes that are too often blind,

If those eyes can see your worth—

Don’t you think His eyes do, all the more?


When your heart cries ugly,

His heart sings beautiful.

So beautiful because I created you to look like Me. 

When your heart screams worthless,

His heart whispers valuable.

So valuable I gave up everything to buy you back. 

When your heart groans forgotten,

His heart shouts loved.

So loved that you can’t even count the ways I bless. 


And if you think you can’t hear His voice,

Voices, voices, drowning it out 

Then listen to mine.

I know it sounds too good to be true,

So scared to believe

But He’ll prove Himself.


You scream at the empty air

You’re beautiful 

You beg of the silent sky

You’re valuable 

You whisper into the shrieking wind:

You’re loved 

Whom am I?


I am—





4 responses to “Who Are You?”

  1. Thank you, for this. ❤ And I love the similarities and differences in the two pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful, and it is a great companion to your post yesterday. Thank you for sharing your creativity and encouragement from God’s Truth.

    Liked by 1 person

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