The 777 Challenge

Sarah and Lalaithiel both nominated me for the 777 Challenge. Thank you very much, girls! Here’s how it works: I turn to the seventh page of my WIP (Work In Progress), find the seventh line on that page, and post the next seven lines. (Note: I’m taking “lines” to mean sentences, which just seems to make more sense. My nominees can do whatever they wish with this ambiguity. 🙂 )

First off, the blurb for my book, tentatively titled Paperless:

Smarter, safer, stronger—that was their motto, and it was a good one. After the epidemic wiped out most of Earth’s population, it was those things that they needed to be most. They had the newest technology, the healthiest lifestyles, the most brilliant scientists and mathemeticians. And though they did not know it, they were on the brink of collapse, faced with threats both from without and within.

That’s where Mada comes in. Actually, she thought just like them, until the day that she met the strange woman in the greenhouse writing on … paper. That’s what it was called, wasn’t it? Mada actually wasn’t sure, which was strange, because she was the smartest of her peers, on track to becoming one of the most influential figures of her time—or so she thought. When her world crumbles, she realizes that she really doesn’t know anything. None of them do. Well, that’s not quite true. Some do, and Mada will have to learn from them quickly if the world is to be saved.

And Mada, by the way, is pronounced MAY-duh, and Lyurbia lie-ER-bee-uh.  Here are the seven lines after the seventh line on the seventh page:

Bright emerald shrubs lined the stairs, and young trees stood out tastefully against the stark white stone of the tall, majestic building. Carved onto the face of the last step were the words “Smarter, safer, stronger,” the motto of Lyurbia. As Mada stepped over them, she felt a thrill of pride. Lyurbia truly lived up to its motto, with the most innovative technology, the best education systems, and the healthiest lifestyles. Like all the other cities, it was self-sustainable, but its economic and natural products were unparalleled. And to think soon I’ll be a leading figure in it. 

Inside the doors, everything was white.

And, because I was tagged twice, I’ll give you seven lines from another story I’m working on, that’s as yet untitled. I actually had written the whole thing written before my computer crashed, so now I’m painfully trying to re-write it. I’ve only made it through the prologue, which is only five pages, so I’ll only share seven lines after the seventh line on the first page. First, a brief blurb:

Amarel Laundale has a normal life—besides, of course, the fact that every morning she secretly visits a dragon, Validus, hiding in a cave near her farm house. Even that has become normal, however. Then, one morning, in one conversation, he destroys any semblance of normal forever.


Jerrin is an orphan, serving in Sirion’s vast underground army in the Blood Badlands. He has been rapidly promoted, and his future as an elite spy for the army is promising. That is, until he is sent on a midnight excursion that proves his identity as someone far more important than he could have dreamed.


The tension between the dragons and humans in Laria has reached its climax, and Amarel and Jerrin are about to be drawn into its defining chapter.

Here’s the excerpt:

“Validus,” she said as she stepped into the shadows created by the overhanging rock, “it’s time to go.”

Something in the dim light shifted, scattering rainbows across the rock walls, and a huge eye of swirling violet and blue met her gaze.

She stepped closer. “I have your assignment and all the materials you’ll need,” she continued. “Are you ready?”

Validus shifted until he was looking at her face-on. “Yes,” he replied, characteristically succinct, in that deep, rumbling voice of his.

She nodded and and then leapt onto his flank, soft leather shoes almost slipping on his smooth scales. Reaching up, she harnessed a small pouch onto the saddlebags that straddled his back between two huge spikes.

“That has everything I need?” he asked, holding himself still while she adjusted his packs.

Now, for the nominees—and while I’m supposed to tag seven, I can’t think of that many who haven’t already been tagged, so here are three: Bri, Elisabeth, and Savannah. Also, if any of my others readers would like to do this, and they haven’t been tagged, please feel free to take it up and keep it going! Just make sure to tag me if you do. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

8 responses to “The 777 Challenge”

  1. *raises hand* I’d be another buyer for Paperless; it sounds awesome, as does your other story. Awesome excerpts! =D

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  2. Both of these excerpts are really awesome. 😀 Thanks for posting them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! And thanks for nominating me =)


  3. thelonelysparrow Avatar

    Thanks for tagging me! I loved the seven sentences from Paperless. That last line…*shivers*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome. *grins* Yeahhh … ^.^

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  4. I look forward to the day Paperless is published. *nods* The other story looks really interesting too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Published? 0.o *squeaks* I’m glad to know I’d have at least one buyer, if that ever happened. =P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. XD It must happen. *nods*

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