NaPoWriMo 2015 ~ Stormy Seas

April 14, 2015 ~ Stormy Seas


All these doubts and fears

Loom titanic before me.

I tread furiously,

But to no avail—

I sink ever deeper

Even as my strokes grow ever weaker.

My vision narrows,

A dark tunnel as I lose breath.

All I can see is the blackness before me;

It swallows me like the waves,

And I’m gasping for breath, choking—


Is that a hand reaching down?

Is that light crowding the edges of the darkness?

The waves of despair suddenly smooth

As my perspective stretches, widens,

Letting glory shine in

And bathe me in the beauty of the full picture:

The storms are glassy seas

To the Alpha and Omega.

The darkness is bright day 

To the Morning Star. 

Soon—so soon—the pain will fade.

All that tears at me now

Will vanish in a second of ecstasy.

Eternity drowns me now in soothing, sobbing light,

And His hand grasps mine—I rise.



I thought I was looking up already,

Cowering before the vicious waves,

But now I realize:

There is so much higher to look.

Light always transcends the dark.

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