NaPoWriMo 2015 ~ What is Truth?

Note: I’ve decided to discontinue Fireside Fridays and Miscellaneous Mondays just for this month. With Camp NaNo and NaPoWriMo (and this lovely thing called school), I’m having trouble finding time to write anything beyond that. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely start those two up again once April is over, and I’ll continue to post my NaPoWriMo poems, as long as I’m moderately pleased with them. 🙂 

April 5, 2015 ~ What is Truth?

inspired by John 18:38

can this be ...
can this be …

“What is truth?”

he asks

and he doesn’t even see

that the answer stands right in front of him,

a meek, mild Man

but isn’t Absolute Truth supposed to be

obvious, stunning, powerful?

a warrior on a white horse,

a King on a throne of light,

a brilliant Morning Star?


yes it is,

but truth is so much more


“What is truth?”

he asks

and he doesn’t even know

what he’s asking,

that truth is not an idea, a theory, an opinion,

that truth cannot be contained in mere words,

these streaks of pen on paper,

these sounds of the mouth we build our worlds around

no, the truth is so much more


“What is truth?”

he asks

and hands the fulfillment of all his longings to the crowd

because he doesn’t see that truth—

truth is a Person—

and truth—

truth is here,

before him, close enough to touch

he doesn’t understand

that folly is wisdom and weakness is power,

that the meekness of the Man is just strength under control,

that the King of Kings is encased in flesh

and the Alpha and Omega is covered in sweat

and the Almighty is bound by this clay


... truth?
… truth?


he cannot see what is right before his eyes

he asks for truth and then turns away

because all he ever wanted

was a truth that would make him comfortable,

a truth that would let him keep his job,

a truth with money and glory and fame

not this uncomfortable, messy truth,

not this meekness,

not this horribly human, terribly tangible truth,

not this truth of flesh-and-blood—

yes, so much blood—

he didn’t see because he didn’t want to

and so he killed the truth,


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