Miscellaneous Mondays ~ Save Now

What I love most, perhaps, about Holy Week is that it all happened this very week, so many centuries ago. We know exactly when (or very close to when) Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey, when He was tried before Pilate, when He was crucified, when He rose again. For each day this week there’s a Biblical event that happened that very day. I love how real it makes the Gospel feel. I strive to always make it real to me, to think about it, to bring Jesus into my everyday life, but somehow it’s so much easier to do so this week. He’s on my mind so much more these seven days, and I love that.

In honor of this special week, here’s a poem about Palm Sunday that I wrote last year for NaPoWriMo. It was inspired by a sermon on what Hosanna means: “save now”.



We are drowning in this ocean,

This turbulent tide of our sin

We are wandering in this land,

A crushed and battered band


And we cry out like the crowd in ages past,

The aching words bursting like a stormy blast,

Echoing the desperate shout, pouring all our pain out:

Save now

Save us now


I am lost and lonely, bereft of friends

The tunnel’s dark, there is no end

I am scarred and maimed by life

There is no limit to this bloody strife


And I cry out like the crowd in ages past,

The aching words leaving my lips at last,

Echoing the desperate plea, showing You my agony:

Save now

Save me now


They hoped You would be a king

To save them from the Romans ruling

They hope You would purge their land

Form opressors’ heavy hands


And they cried out bitterly in ages past,

The aching words begging for retribution fast,

Ignoring their desperate state, oblivious of their dire straights:

Save now

Save us now


Five days later, they angrily cried

Screaming for Pilate to crucify

Their hearts just couldn’t understand

Your deeper, far more perfect plan


So now, Lord, help us know

What they ignored those years ago

Show us that our hearts are worse

Than any other earthly curse


Help us cry out like the crowd in ages past

The aching words admitting our inner lack

Echoing the desperate scream, trusting that You will redeem:

Save now

Save us now

2 responses to “Miscellaneous Mondays ~ Save Now”

  1. This is so beautiful. I love how simple and set-apart the two “Save us” lines are, and how you repeat them like a refrain. So many of your poems would work wonderfully as songs.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Nienna. Ooh, that’s a lovely idea—maybe someday I’ll find someone to put them to music. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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