Humanity’s Lament

As promised, our song.

We were beautiful,

Resplendent and shining with grace

We were glorious,

Gleaming with light from His face

He talked with us;

We saw His eyes, heard His voice

He walked with us;

We could not fail to rejoice


We lived in paradise,

In a lush panorama of light

We lived in a garden,

Pure splendor filling our sight


Now look where we are!

We have fallen so low!

Can we regain what we lost

In those years long ago?


We are deformed,

Bound by these bodies that break and decay

We are filthy,

Stained, tarnished, crumbling like clay


He is far from us;

Our sweet talks gone, we wander alone

We are far from Him;

His presence is veiled, we are so far from home


We live in death,

Constantly confronted by deepening night

We live in darkness—

Oh, the agony of losing His light!


In our folly we listened

As the Enemy spoke

Oh the pain! Oh the tears!

Is there now any hope?

This is actually incomplete—there is an answer to the question at the end—and maybe I’ll finish it someday, with another poem. Until then, read the last few stanzas of Song of the Noldor and know that they are true for us, too. 


9 responses to “Humanity’s Lament”

  1. […] history. Speaking of which, I’ll be posting the real-world version of this tomorrow—what our song as humans is. Today, enjoy the […]


  2. Beautiful yet heart-breaking. It’s so true, and I love the question at the end – it gives a sense of hope in despair and really made me think about Christ’s sacrifice for us.

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  3. Wow, this is great! You have an amazing gift for taking the scriptural, spiritual truth and translating it into insightful, impactful poetry. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    1. You’re so welcome, Jennifer. Your kind words mean a lot to me. =)


  4. I love how you can really hear the aching and agony of the speakers, especially in the lines, “Oh the pain! Oh the tears! / Is there now any hope?” Lovely job, Litsa. And I agree with Victoria –– it would be beautiful sung. I can just picture some haunting, desperate melody . . .

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    1. Thank you so much, Nienna. That’s one of my main goals in writing, especially in this poem, to convey emotions, so I’m glad you felt that.
      Oh, yes, that would be so cool. *glances around at more musically talented peoples*

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  5. So lovely. ❤ It would be interesting if it were put to a tune.

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    1. Thank you. =) Ah, that would be amazing. *dreams*

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