Miscellaneous Mondays ~ Five Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With

I really love music, and I’ve found that I go through phases where there are a few songs that I get stuck on and play over and over … and over. Every few days, I discover (or rediscover, usually) another song that becomes my new obsession. Here are the ones I’m playing on repeating currently:

1) Take This City ~ Everfound 

Because of the thrilling chorus and the awesome instruments. What world-changer can hear this song and not be stirred?

2) I Am ~ Theocracy 

Note: This is a rocky, sometimes-screechy song.

They weave in so many creative (yet always Biblical) descriptions of God with such great rhythm and rhyming. The chorus is catchy, and I love having thoughts about God floating through my  mind. They can sing pretty quickly, so you miss some of the words, but that doesn’t happen with this lyric version:

3) Dare You to Move ~ Switchfoot 

Great for when you feel like a failure, when the pressures of everday life seem to paralyze you, for when you want to stop trying. There is an official video, but I like lyrics, so:

4) Hold Me Now ~ RED

Note: This one too is rather rocky.

The chorus mimics perfectly what I often feel on a hard day or at night, when fear looms up even darker. The lyrics send chills down my spine every time, and the song has RED’s characteristic rockiness blended with soaring strings and passionate vocals.

5) Greater ~ MercyMe 

This one can get overplayed, and then I get sick of it, but I really do love the message. It’s so encouraging, and MercyMe’s unique style makes it stick in my mind.

No matter how hard Monday gets or how long this week feels or how many times you stumble, remember:

Let’s take this city.

He is the hope of the lonely and lost in the blood running down to the foot of the cross.

Maybe redemption has stories to tell, maybe forgiveness is right where you fell.

Hold me now, till the fear is leaving.

There’ll be days I lose the battle, but grace says that it doesn’t matter, ’cause the cross already won the war.

4 responses to “Miscellaneous Mondays ~ Five Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With”

  1. I’ve listened to most of these, but I’m going to relisten to them all now. I especially love Greater- it’s such an encouraging song!

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  2. Awesome songs! And because of you I’ve got “Take This City” on repeat as well; so fantastic. =D I’d love to see you make more posts like this, sharing what songs you’re currently obsessed with.

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  3. “Take This City” — the music style isn’t really my favorite, but the lyrics are YES. And I never get tired of “Greater.”

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  4. I LOVE dare you to move!!! ❤ Awesome list!

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