Fireside Fridays ~ 5 Female Protagonists I Dislike

This post is pretty self-explanatory.  Some of these girls are people I dislike because of their personality, and others are poorly-crafted.  I did intentionally choose protagonists, though, because it’s boring and relatively easy to criticize antagonists.  Next week, I’ll do the opposite and look at five female characters that I like.

1) Lucie Darnay (from Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities)

I love almost everything about this book, but I have to admit: Lucie is a major weakness. She’s a doll, as Sydney Carton describes her. While he didn’t mean what he said, I do. She’s unoriginal, boring, and plastic, dressed up prettily but with no spirit.  Or, for a different metahpor, she’s a marshmallow—sweet, almost too much so, but insubstantial, and too much of her can cause stomachaches.

2) Novinha Wiggin (from Card’s Ender series)

At first, I felt bad for her.  She did have a pretty lousy childhood.  I could relate to her intensity and love of studying, and I was excited to see how she and Ender would interact.  That was where it went wrong.  To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into too many details, but she lost any shred of approval from me by the end.  Such a little selfish, unempathetic, cold, hard-hearted, stubborn … ooh!  She makes me so angry.  Part of it is because Ender is one of my favorite characters of all time, so anyone who hurts him upsets me.  Part of it is that she’s just nasty.  No, I don’t expect characters to be perfect—and, in fact, I don’t like perfect characters, like Lucie Darnay—but Novinha simply has no redeeming qualities.

3) Scarlett O’Hara (from Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind)

There are many reasons why I despise this novel, but Scarlett trumps all.  She’s self-centered, spoiled, whiny, and childish. The entire book is spent describing her pining for her beloved Ashley. He’s married to someone else! What will it take to get that into your head? Too much, apparently. Even after she creates a huge scandal and realizes whom she truly loves too late, she simply tosses her hair and says, “Tomorrow’s another day”.  She’s so convinced that she can get what she wants, and she never repents from her sin and folly.  Does she ever learn from her mistakes?  Okay, I’d better stop before I turn this into a full-fledged rant (which, perhaps, it already is).

4) Piper McLean (from Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus

I feel rather bad about including Piper, because I know she’s been criticized a lot.  I’ll keep my complaints short: She’s kind of wimpy.  Yes, I know, she does save the day quite a few times, but her moping about herself and about how she’s useless was just annoying. I could never relate to her or root for her like I could for the other characters. A lot of it may have to do with the fact that I’m a Percy fan, and her relationship with Jason caused her to view him more highly than Percy.

5) Arya (from Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle)

Arya reminds me of myself, which is mostly why I dislike her so much. Her intensity, over-seriousness, and reluctance to open up and trust others are all qualitites I share—ones that I don’t like.  I can understand her dismissal of Eragon (at least at the beginning), and I respect her dedication to doing what she believes is right, but honestly, Arya.  Can you laugh?  Can you admit your weaknesses? Can you have emotions?

Now it’s your turn: who are some of your least favorite female protagonists, and why?

Also, I’d love it if you could spare the time to take the poll below:

13 responses to “Fireside Fridays ~ 5 Female Protagonists I Dislike”

  1. Hm. I feel like I’ve read a lot less books than you, but I’d have to say Katniss Everdeen. I took it upon myself to read The Hunger Games last summer, and, though I liked the first book the most, by the end I was just dragging myself through (often because I’d read ahead–shame on me–because I was bored). Anyway, Katniss seems so narrow-minded and frankly selfish–she may not always do everything right, but listening to her thoughts on suicide right through three books was tiring. On the other hand, I liked Haymitch, the drunk, almost more than her because he at least had some variety.
    Also – Tauriel. Even if I dismissed her completely see-through role as the Dwarf-love-interest, her roles are contradictory? Is she a strong Elf warrior? Is she a crying victim? Is she love-obsessed? Or does she even have feelings for other human beings?
    It seems Elves have flaws in common.

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    1. Ha, I highly doubt that you’ve read less than I. I haven’t read THG (not allowed to), but I trust your opinion. =D Ah, Tauriel. I didn’t include her because she’s not really a book character, but I agree with you. She reacts like they need her to do to make the plot turn out right, but it doesn’t make sense if you look at her by herself. She’s just a plot prop. -.-


  2. I haven’t read the books that most of these characters are from, but I do agree about Arya. -_-
    My least favorite female protagonist . . . hard to say. I’m definitely not a Katniss fan- I mean, I have some sympathy for her, and I admire her for trading places with Prim in book 1, and I get that she’s been through a lot. But she drives me bonkers and at the end . . . yeah. I don’t need to rant about the end of Mockingjay again. 😛
    Oh, and the two female protagonists from the Starlighter series. I like them even less than Katniss. 😛 They’re just . . . bleh.

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    1. Oh, and I voted for the lists, but I kind of like the idea of you alternating between lists and general topic posts.

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    2. I’m glad someone agrees with me about Arya. =) I haven’t read THG, but Emilie agrees with you, so I’ll trust you guys. =D Ah, yes, those two. I think that’s one of the reasons I didn’t like the Starlight books as much—the characters just don’t capture me the same way the ones in OoF, DioM and CotB do.

      And thanks for the feedback on what posts to do. That’s probably the best idea. =)


  3. …am I allowed to say Elsie Dinsmore? *hides*

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    1. *glances around* *hides with you* *whispers* Yes, yes, definitely. I can not stand those books. x)

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  4. My least favorite female protagonist is Alyss from RA. She is just such a snobbish brat. Instead of calmly resolving the conflict between her and Evanlyn like a sensible diplomat would do, she let her jealously turn her into a stuck-up pig and began mean to the princess.
    *cough* That was quite the rant. x) As for the poll, it’s really hard to decide. Maybe alternate each week with a different style post?

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    1. I was actually considering putting her in there. 0.o I agree, both she and Evanlyn acted like little, immature kids, and it annoyed me. Haha, no problem. Basically the entire post was a rant from me. =P
      *nods* That’s a good idea, thank you.


      1. Yeah, at first I didn’t like Evanlyn either, but then by the end of The Emperor of Nihon-Ja she became a little more tolerable. =P


  5. I agree… about Lucie, at least. Although she technically wasn’t one of the main characters. But that other lady, what’s-her-face… I never can remember her name, since we always refer to her as the knitting lady… every time someone mentions her I go nuts. 😛

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    1. *nods* But she was a character you were supposed to like. =P Oh, yes, Madame Defarge, always knitting. That lady is … yikes. 0.o

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      1. Knitting in the midst of revolution… and she was her husband’s puppeteer, too. 😛


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