Miscellaneous Mondays ~ #shelfie

Victoria tagged me with this way too long ago, and I have just now gotten around to doing it.  The #shelfie is simply a picture of your bookcase (pretty awesome tag, huh?), and I’ve split it up into two pictures so you can see the books more clearly.

Shelf one (below): This is where the best of the best go, and it’s predominantly series.  From left to right: Some pictures books (because I’m a child at heart) that wouldn’t fit on the other shelves,  a collection of C. S. Lewis quotes, Edgar Allen Poe’s Complete Collection of Tales and Poems, The Illustrated Library of World Poetry, The Stormlight Archive, The Wingfeather Saga, Oracles of Fire, Children of the Bard #3, The Circle Series, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Tales of Goldstone Woods #s 4, 5, & 7, and Mistborn.  (And don’t ask me what I’m going to do when Stormlight Archive #3 comes out—that’ll require major rearrangement.)


Shelf two (above): This is the second-best shelf  (my favorites are on the top shelf, and as the shelves go down, so does my preference for the books on those shelves).  From left to right: Bibles, devotionals, non-fiction (like One Thousand Gifts, Do Hard Things, and a bunch of Lotr-related non-fiction), some fiction/fantasy (like Peretti, Bradbury, and more Tolkien), A Wrinkle of Time Quintet #s 1 +2, Space Trilogy, and then a bunch of younger-grade historical fiction.

Shelf three (below): Random novels (Heidi, a Dekker book, Divergent, etc.), Emily of New Moon series, and then more younger-level series, like Laura Ingalls and a bunch of historical fiction.


Shelf four (above): The stack on the left is of calendars and magazines (primarily WORLD).  Then there are a bunch of little kid books and other miscellaneous tomes that didn’t belong anywhere else.

In the closet is my stack of library books (I used to keep them in my bookshelf, but that didn’t last long).  By my bed, I have a basket of all the books I’m reading currently, as well as my big study Bible and Nook, on which I have many Bryan Davis books, the rest of Tales of Goldstone Wood, the Blood of Kings trilogy, and a bunch of other stuff.  All of my other favorite books are scattered throughout the house on my family’s who-knows-how-many bookshelves.

Now, I’m supposed to tag people, but this time I’m going to make it open-ended.  If you want to do this, just let me know in the comments and say that I tagged you.  Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to see your bookshelves!

12 responses to “Miscellaneous Mondays ~ #shelfie”

  1. Ahhh, Brian Davis. I seriously need to read mine again. *bounces slightly*

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    1. MARK. =D Yes, you do. Actually, I need to as well. It’s been far too long. But there’s this thing called school … (And I thought you didn’t like bouncing objects? ^^)


      1. ABBY. =D

        Yeah. Well, you know, school gives you exciting things to read, too, like Of Plymouth Plantation….NOT. (Hey, they’re fine now. Because I _am_ one.


  2. Dearest Abby,

    Speaking of books, I had some lovely children’s books that I loved and I HOPE I gave to your mother when we moved. One was called “A Day in Bethlehem” and I really loved that book. Then there were a couple of lovely books of poems, one being “Silver Pennies”. I hope I gave them to your mother.

    All my love,



  3. Dearest Abby,

    It is great that you have lots of room for book cases. In New Jersey we had tons of books but we had to give them away when we moved to this little house. We still do have a lot of books but not the number that we had in New Jersey.

    This is the second time I have written this comment. The first time the electricity went off so I lost it. We are in the midst of a wild nor’easter. I better send this before the electricity goes off again.

    All my love,



    1. Thank you, Grammy! That’s too bad that you had to get rid of books. I personally think losing electricity can be fun, but I’ll pray that you guys stay safe. =)


  4. YOU HAVE MORGOTH’S RING. WE WANTS IT PRECIOUS BECAUSE FINROD AND ANDRETH. But what’s the book beside it that looks like “Hobbitvs Hill”?

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    1. YES. That’s my favorite part of it—I underlined it all over the place. xD Ah, that delightful book is The Hobbit in Latin (Hobbitus Ille). *grins*


      1. Bellethiel Marcaunion Avatar
        Bellethiel Marcaunion

        I’m glad you’re enjoying your birthday gift! I haven’t gotten around to reading my copy yet. When I do, we should get together and compare notes.
        How’s Hobbitus Ille going? Is it too hard to read? You know, I really should just email you…


  5. I loved seeing your shelves! They look pretty nice- and you’ve definitely got a great selection of books!

    I keep my library books in two places. I have one stack by my library bag and between a trunk and a set of drawers- that’s my to be read stack. And then library books I’ve already read go beside my bed, under my window (there’s a gap about a foot wide between my bed and my wall), so I can get to them easily for a quick reread of certain parts before bed. 😀

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    1. *grins* Thank you; I thought just the same about yours!

      Haha, that’s a great system. I love hearing about how other bookworms organize their stuff. All my to-be-read library books are in the closet, all the ones I’m reading currently are in the basket by my bed, and all the ones I’ve just read and need to either reread or copy quotes from are on my desk. Ah, the life of a bookworm. 😉


      1. Thank you! And that’s a good way of organizing it as well. *nods* It sounds a bit neater than mine.


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