Miscellaneous Mondays ~ Collections

Do you collect anything?  I’ve always wanted to.  The idea of a special collection of unique items, carefully gathered from around the world, each with its own tale yet a part of a whole—it was just so appealing.  I imagined shelves of fascinating figurines or scrapbooks covered with one-of-a-kind photographs.  Wouldn’t it be fun to show it off to visitors and friends?  It would be a great point when people ask the “list five interesting things about yourself” question.

I can’t remember what my first collection was.  Maybe it was the paper napkin one.  I thought it would be fun to keep a paper napkin from parties and events I went to, because it was a unique memento and paper napkins are pretty.  That died off pretty quickly, though, because I’m one of those unsocialized homeschoolers (and an introvert, to boot!) and didn’t really go to parties.  Okay, I’m kidding, about the unsocialized part, at least. But still, I just couldn’t find enough opportunities to boost my collection.

Then I moved on to travel brochures, which only lasted while I lived in Europe.  Next was seashells, which only lasted while I lived (relatively) near the ocean.  Then there was stamp collecting, which I sort of still do.  But once high school set in, I realized that while stamp collecting is nice, it’s not enthralling enough to spend my scarce, and therefore precious, free time on.

I resigned myself to the fact that I just wouldn’t have a collection.  There was nothing that I loved enough to spend time collecting, nothing that would remain no matter where I lived.

It wasn’t until very recently that I realized I was wrong.

It started with Scrivener—which I’m in love with, by the way.  I was scrolling through my documents, when I came across my list of good quotes.  I thought it would be fun to use the chapter feature on Scrivener to organize my randomly-assorted quotes into organized groups.  I started getting really excited—maybe I could transfer all the quotes in my good old-fashioned notebook onto Scrivener too!

And that’s when I realized it.

I collect words.  Quotes, I guess, to be more specific.  I have them scribbled on journals and sticky notes—I even have a separate quotes notebook—and typed on various documents and even in some of my posts here.   When I read a library book, I always place a sticky note on the bookmark to record a page number of a good quote.  If it’s my own, I underline or bracket and flip back through it once I’m done to copy everything down.  On my Nook, I highlight and then copy.  It took me a while to realize that not everyone does that, that not everyone savors—collects— quotes like I do.

Why do I love them so much?  My best answer is by Jame Michener:  I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.  I love words, the way they resonate within me, inspire me, draw me closer to God, reveal whole new worlds, open my eyes, pierce my soul. And really, it’s not worth it to collect something that offers any less than that.

So what do you collect?   Have you been in my shoes, wanting to collect something but without any inspiration?  I’d love to hear your story!


9 responses to “Miscellaneous Mondays ~ Collections”

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  2. I had a bunch of different collections when I was a kid. Keychains was probably the biggest- my dad would buy me keychains whenever he went somewhere new on business trips (which was often) and sometimes I’d get them when we went on family trips as well (which was less often). Now? Well, does it count if I say I collect books?

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    1. Ooh, key chains! That’s one I haven’t heard of before, but it sounds really cool. Books count for sure! I guess I collect books, too, then. =)


      1. It was pretty fun while it lasted. 🙂 And it has the added benefit that I can use them for stuff later on. (Fact: certain keychains can double very nicely as zipper decorations.)


  3. Dearest Abby,

    Like you, I had collections when I was little. My first collection was matchbooks. In those days, in the forties, all adults smoked cigarettes so there were matchbooks everywhere. I had an enormous collection from all over the country. I have no idea what happened to my collection. I supposed when we moved from Newton to the Cape they were thrown away by my mother. Then I also did collect stamps. Like you, once I went to high school I gave up collecting stamps because I was in a different phase of my life. I gave my stamp collection to my cousin Bob because he was still a big collector. I think your collection of quotes is great. You know that now that I am reading MIDDLEMARCH there is a quote at the beginning of each chapter. Do you really think you are an introvert? It is interesting that you should say that because just today in my French I class they had to read about introverts and answer questions in French. Have you received the writings I sent to you?



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    1. Ah, yes, matchbooks. And that’s cool that you collected stamps, too; I forgot about that! I really need to read Middlemarch; both my parents love it. And yes, I do think I am introvert, definitely. (: I have, and I’ll write you back soon!


  4. I collect state coins… *nods slowly* I recently got the idea to start collecting bookmarks, so we’ll see how that goes. x) And collecting words; I so need to start doing that. ❤

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    1. State coins, cool! How many do you have? I collected bookmarks, too—and still do, I guess. Let me know how it goes. =P *grins* Yes, it’s a lovely collection.


      1. Well, I have I think 41 states and D.C. included, so I need only nine more to complete my collection. I also gather the new state parks coins as well as the US territories coins. =D


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