Miscellaneous Mondays ~ Tales by the Fire

I love books.  I also love Christmas.  What could be better than combining the two and writing about Christmas books?  Grab a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and relish these rich, festive tales by a roaring fire.

To enjoy some great, seasonal literature:

Joe Wheeler

He’s called “America’s Keeper of the Story”, and the title fits perfectly.  The series Christmas in my Heart contains a whopping twenty-three books full of heartwarming short stories he carefully compiles.  While some are not explicitly Christian, they all have beautiful messages and long-lasting truths.  Some are contemporary, others are hundreds of years old, but every story  is meaningful and festive.  When you only have a short time to read, turn to these gems.

To remember the reason for the season: 

Max Lucado

I love Lucado’s books all year-round, but two of his Christmas books are particularly special.  The first, One Incredible Moment, is a compilation of Christmas-related excerpts from his other books.  This small, beautifully illustrated volume always makes me cry as I am reminded anew of God’s grandeur and love and the wonder of Christ’s birth.  The second, A Cosmic Christmas, is a retelling of the nativity story through the eyes of Gabriel.  This story takes a completely new look on the well-known Christmas story and dramatically reminds me of God’s power and the reality of the spiritual battle we are in engaged in.

To find some joy and laugh really hard:

Mike Huckabee

Former governor of Arkansas and current host of Fox News’ Huckabee Show, Huckabee has crafted a hilarious and heartwarming tale in his A Simple Christmas.  Each chapter focuses on a different Christmas in his life and highlights a characteristic he wants to remind us of, like family or joy.  He writes with clarity, honesty, and wit, and he makes laugh out loud on every single page.   From the Christmas when he asked for a guitar or nothing (risky move, let me tell you) to the holiday when his cancer-stricken uncle came to stay, he weaves a message of returning our focus to the first Christmas.

To awaken your inner child and recapture some of that lost magic:

Jan Brett

Numerous children’s Christmas books abound, and I still page through them every season (don’t judge; I know you do too), but Brett’s books are still my favorites.  Her Scandanvian stories are sweet and wholesome, with plenty of perfectly-paced adventure to spice up the snowy settings.  Trolls, reindeer, and elves fill the pages of her gorgeously-illustrated books.  Detailed, bright-colored pictures fill each page — and along the margins are smaller but just-as-captivating scenes that often give a hint as to what’s coming next.  I’d recommend her big Christmas Treasury, but here are some of my favorite titles if you want to get them individually: The Wild Christmas Reindeer, Trouble with Trolls, and Christmas Trolls. 

What are some of your favorite Christmas books?  Have you read any of these?

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