Something’s Gone Wrong

This struggle

This battle raging across the turf

Of my heart

And my home

And bleeding over into this world

We’re all struggling


This confusion

These conflicting passion clamoring for release

In my heart

And my home

And echoing throughout this world

We’re all confused


This ache

This wound stabbing and scarring and searing

My heart

And my home

And staining with blood this world

We’re all aching


Because something’s gone wrong

So horribly wrong

And we know it,

Like this branding of the soul

That seals the message with fire

What message?

This message—

Death, death, death

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be be,

This isn’t how it used to be, long ago,

Before the stars began to sing

And each one of us knows it

Oh, how we know it

Each born with a mar to remind

That something’s gone wrong,

So horribly wrong

2 responses to “Something’s Gone Wrong”

  1. Litsa, your writing is so wonderful. I love how each word is powerful – nothing’s too flowery or wordy, but simple and concise and so much more meaningful. This poem reminds me of Andrew Peterson’s “Come Back Soon” that says “If nature’s red in tooth and in claw / Then it seems to me that she’s an outlaw / ‘Cause every death is a question mark / At the end of the book of a beating heart / And the answer’s scrawled in the silent dark / On the dome of the sky in a billion stars / But we cannot read these angel tongues / And we cannot stare at the burning sun / And we cannot sing with these broken lungs / So we kick in the womb and we beg to be born / Deliverance! Deliverance, O Lord! / O Lord, come back soon . . .” Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.

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    1. Thank you so much. Your words are a blessing. And thank you for sharing those lyrics — they’re exactly what was going on in my mind as I wrote this.


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